Medicine Dropper & Nose Aspirator


Baby nasal aspirator + medicine feeder pipet drencher

Material:Rubber, PP plastic.

Bottle Height: Approx. 8.6cm
Suction nozzle length: Approx. 3.1cm

Colour: As shown (sent on random colour)


Newborn nasal aspirator- The soft suction nozzle can protect baby’s tender nostrils, let baby feel extra comfortable.

Suction is easy to control, simple to operate.

Parts can be dismantled and cleaned, convenient and sanitary.

Applicable for nasal mucus.

Help your baby to clear or vacuum out baby`s mucus.

Soft-tip for baby’s comfort.

Infant pipet drencher

The syrup dosage scale can be shown on the baby drencher.

It is convenient for using this infant medicine feeder pinpet.

Syrup will not be wasted,and the baby will not have the feeling of vomiting or choking.

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