Baby Cot ( Simple Co sleeper with net )



Suitable for baby’s up to 0-18 months

Super comfortable, the polyester mattress and pillow (included) for your baby to sleep in.

Great for camping and outdoor activities where a baby mosquito net is needed.

Twin-wire Breathable translucent net keeps for easy viewing of your baby, even when it is zipped up.

Light weight and convenient for travel.

This fordable design makes it very portable for travelling and moving it around different locations

Zipper for easy access.

Indoors and Outdoors: Keep your baby away from mosquito, flies, insects and other annoying bugs, giving your baby a safe environment and great for outdoors. 

Strong and durable and guaranteed to last.

This baby mosquito net is made from polyester and cotton

1 x Cotton-padded Mattress

1 x Baby Pillow

1 x Mosquito Net

1 x Mesh Bag

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