What products does Kyemenonline.com sell?

            We stock products of all known brands in babycare, homecare & Kitchenware merchandise.


Can I shop on Kyemenonline.com from another country?

No. All purchases from kyemenonline.com must be made within our geographical area(Ghana)

Can you  help, I’ve forgotten my password?

To regain access to your account, click on “forgotten password” and follow the instructions.

How do I register to shop online on Kyemenonline.com?

To register, click on “Login” located at the top  right  corner of the homepage, there is a register option.


What are the benefits of buying from kyemenonline.com? 

All prices on kyemenonline are competitive. Your goods

will also  be delivered to you free of charge if you live in Accra or Tema.


          What if an item is out of stock?       

Our stock items are updated periodically online so the status will be known to you before purchase.

How can I be sure that I’ve made my purchase correctly?                                                       

Once you checkout, an order email will be sent to your valid email provided confirming your order and the total cost.

Will I be able to remove items from my Cart?                                                                         

Yes you can. However, it applies only before checkout

items picked after checkout are absolute and cannot be removed unless your  order is cancelled.

Must I have an account to order from Kyemenonline.com?

No. But some email and address details will be required of you before checkout.


Delivery & Returns


Where do you  deliver to?

Delivery  within Accra and outside Accra, Deliveries within Accra and Tema are free for purchase items above GHS 200.00

Outside accra will attract an appropriate charge based on your location.


When are your delivery hours?

Monday to Saturday from 8:30am to 7:00pm

Sunday from 11am to 7:00pm

Deliveries are free for residents of Accra and Tema.

How quickly will I receive my items?

Once your  purchase has been confirrmed, your  item(s) will be delivered within 24-48  hours of placing the order.

Do you accept returns?                                                                                                              

Items purchased can  be returned if a defect is detected within 48 hours of delivery. Goods must be returned in the same condition as of delivery and will be reviewed within 48 hours of return. If the item(s) are found to be defective then such items will be changed.

I received a faulty item, what do I do?                                                                                                      

If an item purchased does not seem to be in an acceptable condition, contact us on 0540470145 or 0541799749

or info@kyemenonline.com  and it will be resolved


             I received the wrong item, what should I do?                                                                                        

In the rare likelihood of receiving the wrong item, contact us on 0540470145 or 0541799749

or info@kyemenonline.com  and it will be resolved

Is it possible to get a refund?                                     

            Yes, but will be treated on case by case basis.

 Payment Options

Can I pay  on delivery?

Yes payments can  be made at time of delivery.

What mode of payment do you  accept?

Acceptable methods of payment include: Cash  On Delivery,   Mobile Money

Can I pay  in a foreign currency?

No. All purchases made must be paid for in Ghanaian cedis.





Gift Wrapping

Can I have my items prewrapped?

Yes. We can wrap items purchased before delivery.


Do I have to pay a separate fee for wrapping?                                                                           

Yes. Gifts will be wrapped at an additional fee.


Can I choose the wrapping paper to be used? 

Yes. You can choose the wrapping paper via a phone call and possibly send us pictures

Contact Us

Need to ask us something about an order?

Simply get in touch with us through the details below:

contact us on 0540470145 or 0541799749